Going back to college!??!

About a week, or two ago I received the acceptance letter to Northeastern University. I was going to add this update to the ‘Life’ post, but I feel it needed its’ own. I never really thought that I would be going back to college, let alone even apply to one. I still owe a decent chunk of change from the first attempt to get a college degree, but I’m starting to think all of the failures I have experienced were to just push me in the right direction. One thing that I have always been scared of in life is the fact that I don’t want to choose the wrong profession and totally regret my life every single day and hate what I do. I think that is why it has always been so hard for me to choose what I want to do, because I don’t want to grow up and be that guy who does the same old things every single day and just coast through life. I don’t want to coast, and would like to have a different experience every day. That would be wonderful. I am super excited, and I also think that I am going into the right program for me. I am going for IT, which is definitely a strong point of mine. I am super excited to start back up in the spring, and will update as things move along!

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